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Break into tech: secret resources for 2023

trying to find learning resources online like this road sign that says turn right/left at the same time (text on top of each other so it's confusing where to turn)

If you relate to this meme, you’ll want to keep reading…

Because your search for quality resources stops here. I’ve compiled the best, secret resources to help you break into tech in 2023.

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Job search and portfolio

Create your portfolio with guidance in a 6-week program:

Get tips from experts:

Fix your LinkedIn:

No-code website builders for your portfolio:,


How to break into data in 2023:

Find mentors:

Datasets for your portfolio projects:

Product management

Advice from experts:

Product Management community on Clubhouse:

Beginner’s guide to Product Management:

Startups and Venture Capital

Community to share startup ideas + advice:

Learn from failed startups:

Database of discounts for startups - use code ENTRY20:

7 steps to land a VC job:


Games to practice:

UX design learning guide:

Fun courses:



Learn software engineering with open source projects:

Guided projects:


Marketing examples to learn from:

Case studies:

Social media scheduling + analytics with a good free plan:

Need more guidance?

EntryLevel’s programs guide you through creating your first portfolio project in 6 weeks.

Enrolment deadline is coming up on Jan 16, 2023.

Create a portfolio that’ll land you the job:

EntryLevel's available programs: data analysis, product management, venture capital analyst, UX designer, financial analyst, and digital marketing

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