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Learn product management in 6 weeks as a beginner with hands-on projects

Product Management: Fundamentals & Discovery

Learn how to understand customer problems, validate ideas, prioritize features and more.

Whether you're an aspiring product manager or leader, an entrepreneur, a team member that works with PMs or developers, our beginner-friendly course is designed to give you a solid foundation.

$---.-- USD
$---.-- USD

Learn product management in 6 weeks as a beginner with hands-on projects

Learn how to understand customer problems, validate ideas, prioritize features and more.

Whether you're an aspiring product manager or leader, an entrepreneur, a team member that works with PMs or developers, our beginner-friendly course is designed to give you a solid foundation.

rated 4.8 out of 5 on trustpilot

Product Management: Fundamentals & Discovery

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David Wang

Group Product Manager at Linktree
Time commitment
~5 hours / week
6 weeks
1 portfolio
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April 24, 2024
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What’s Product Management?

Product management (PM) is a fast-paced field that helps shape the success of organizations and their products.

In this beginner-friendly program, you will learn to lead the product life cycle with a focus on discovery and research, building MVPs, prioritisation and estimation frameworks, and learning to write user stories. You'll also get hands-on experience building products.

What will you learn?

Create a research-backed MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Use popular prioritisation frameworks to prioritise product features
Conduct market research to uncover users’ problems, and how your product can best solve them
EntryLevel set me apart from other candidates in the job search.
Jennifer Job
EntryLevel student turned technical product manager
Why join EntryLevel?
Don't just learn the theory. Apply what you learn - with guidance every step of the way.
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This is for you if you're

A complete beginner

Aspiring product managers looking to master the foundations that will get you hired as a PM.


A startup founder

Improve your product and manage different teams better.


A productivity fan

Want to optimise your life? Learn PM principles - you'll get to prioritise what matters.

Course outline
Don't just watch videos. Learn with hands-on projects.
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2 hours
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3 weeks
Complete Modules
2 weeks
Final Submission
Week 6
Peer Review

Module 1 - Week 1

Introduction to Product Management

Understand the day in a life of a product manager, phases of the product lifecycle, and the product development process.

  • Who is a product manager?
  • Day in the life of a PM
  • The product lifecycle
  • Introduction to discovery
  • PM process - delivery and market adoption

Module 2 - Week 1

Product discovery

Discover how product managers identify user issues, generate innovative product and feature ideas, and validate their solutions.

  • Finding problems
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Validating ideas
  • Choose your project

Module 3 - Week 2

Problem and market validation

Define your target market and understand their problems. You will learn tools and frameworks to conduct qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Customer problem template
  • Identifying and prioritizing assumptions
  • Target market and market dynamics
  • Market size and competitors
  • Problem validation: user interviews
  • Framing interview questions
  • Conducting interviews

Module 4 - Week 2

Product validation using MVPs

Create a strategy for using Minimal Viable Prototypes to validate if your product solves the customer's problem or not.

  • What is an MVP?
  • MVP techniques
  • MVP process

Module 5 - Week 3

Prioritisation and estimation

Learn about MVPs and use your research plus user stories to brainstorm features. Apply prioritization and effort estimation frameworks to decide on a timeline to build features.

  • Turning research insights into product features
  • Feature prioritization with the MSCW method
  • Estimating effort with the T-Shirt Method
  • Deciding on features with effort and value
  • User stories

Module 6 - Week 6

Earn premium perks

Graduate and get surprise gifts!

  • Employment job kit
  • Capstone project guides
  • How to get a job in Product Management
  • Cheat sheets from the course
  • AI empowerment pack
Don't understand a term here as a beginner? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about it.
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Meet the Instructor
Learn from experienced product managers
Connect on LinkedIn
David Wang
Group Product Manager at Linktree

David is a Product Management leader with 15 years of hands-on experience, specializing in technology products, marketplaces, product growth, and greenfield projects.

From crafting start-ups to working with international companies, he advocates customer-centric solutions to build lean businesses that achieve financial results. David has taught over 3,000 students globally, 170+ classes at General Assembly, and coached online for Harvard Innovation Labs, evangelizing the art of product management to the next generations of product managers.

This course includes
1 hands-on portfolio project
Discord community of peers
Lifetime access to course materials
Skill badges on your certificate
Personalized reference letter
AI tutor chatbot to help when you’re stuck and review your work
EntryLevel satisfaction guarantee
This course is backed by EntryLevel’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our
refund policy.
EntryLevel was more well-structured than learning on YouTube. You need to get your hands dirty and have practical knowledge.
Data Analyst
Go beyond the certificate
Gain confidence in your skills to ace any job interview.

Land a high-paying job

Stop feeling stuck in your career. Invest in an EntryLevelcourse so your future self doesn't regret wasting time.


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Increase earning potential with a beautiful certificate - the perfect addition to your LinkedIn profile.

Flexible learning

You're busy - we get that. Course deadlines encourage you to finish while learning on your own time. Compatible with full-time schooling, exams, and other commitments.

Active community

Ask questions, discuss new course concepts, find and share job opportunities, expand your network, and get motivation to finish your course.

Continuous learning

Learning doesn't stop when your course is over. Get access to exclusive job search tips and workshops after you graduate.
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Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.

After my training with EntryLevel towards becoming a PM, one of the things that became very clear to me was that I need a real life work experience. I’m very excited to share that I have been granted an opportunity to intern at Spirē as a product manager.

Product Manager

How I went from receiving a Product Management certificate from @EntryLevelNet in August last year to handling numerous software products in just 3 months is mind-blowing. Thankful. Now, back to work.

Product Manager

I’m officially a product manager 🎊 I want to thank EntryLevel for making this course a practical one. Dealing with real life problems made me appreciate the process of product development much more than I did.

Product Management student

The best part about learning at EntryLevel is the amazing and vibrant community that comes along with your training aid. I had the opportunity to train with like-minded people and we interacted and shared our progress.

EntryLevel student

It was very fulfilling. EntryLevel builds their learning structure around a community-like system similar to real life experiences. I made some really good friends who are fast becoming industry buddies for life.

UX Design student

I’d recommend giving up your two weekly cocktails and spend that money on an EntryLevel course. It’ll accelerate your success.

Growth/Digital Marketing student
Why pick EntryLevel?
We’re for you if you:
Are looking for something beginner-friendly
Need structure to learn, but flexibility for your busy schedule
Learn best through hands-on projects
Time commitment
Hands-on portfolio projects
6 weeks
on Discord
6-12 months
$2,999+ USD
Time commitment:
Portfolio projects:
Time commitment:
Portfolio projects:
on Discord
6-12 months
Time commitment:
Portfolio projects:
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Invest in your career growth
4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot
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Invest in your tech career
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If you still have questions, check out our FAQs. Otherwise, you can always contact a member of ou team - just email us!
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Enrolment deadline:
6 June 2024
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Here are some of the questions we get a lot. If you have a question that’s not here, hit us up on support.
Will I get a certificate?

Yes, upon completion of our course, you will receive a certificate. Programs offered before 21st March 2024 also have hard deadlines that must be met. Please check your dashboard for further details.

Are classes live? What's the course structure like?

Classes are not live; you can complete them at your own pace. Modules will unlock gradually, but you have the flexibility to work through them as you wish.

What do I get after taking the course?

As an EntryLevel Alumnus, you're welcome to stay in our Discord community for job search support, exclusive job posting alerts, resources to learn from, and more.

You'll also get a portfolio project you can be proud of, a certificate, and a reference letter to help with your job search.

Portfolio project

Demonstrate experience and skills to hiring managers

EntryLevel Certificate

Premium certificate

Badges to showcase your new skills

reference letter

Reference letter

Outlines skills you learned

How much time should I dedicate to a course?

The time commitment is expected to be around 5 - 10 hours per week, depending on the program you choose and your prior level of experience.

The experience is virtual and mostly asynchronous, meaning you can work according to your own schedule.

Courses offered before 21st March 2024 also have fixed deadlines you need to meet in order to receive a certificate.

Are there any deadlines for course completion?

Yes - each course has a deadline 6 weeks after you start the course.

When you enroll in a course, the deadline will be shown on your dashboard.

Finish all your tasks before the deadline to get the certificate.

We’re confident you’ll love the program. But if you’re still on the fence, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.
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