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Embark on a journey of growth and mastery with our dedicated mentors. At EntryLevel, we believe that the heart of learning lies in the exchange between those who have knowledge and those eager to acquire it. Our mentors are more than just educators; they are industry professionals, thought leaders, and real-world practitioners who are committed to sharing their knowledge and empowering you.

Mentor Spotlights
Ajay Prakash
Founder and CEO at EntryLevel
Founder and CEO
Giulianna Crivello
Head of Ventures @ Draper Startup House
Head of Ventures
Shariq Nabi
Scrum Master at WooliesX
Scrum Master
Iva Charlopova
Senior Finance Manager at Brighte
Senior Finance Manager
David Wang
Group Product Manager at Linktree
Group Product Manager
Nabeel Siddiqui
Lead Analyst at Wise
Lead Analyst
Anthony Conta
Senior Product Designer at Amazon
Senior Product Designer
Daniel Davis
Independent Developer and Senior Privacy Analyst at DuckDuckGo
Independent Developer and Senior Privacy Analyst
Alyssa Berriche
Manager of the Cyber Threat Intelligence unit at Cimpress
Manager of the Cyber Threat Intelligence unit

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Why mentor with us?
Becoming a mentor at EntryLevel means you'll have our full support at every step. We're here to amplify your impact without the technical hassle. Here's how we make mentoring rewarding and straightforward:
Learning Design Assistance
We help you craft your knowledge into impactful learning experiences. Our team works with you to develop course materials that resonate with students and adhere to the highest educational standards.
Technical Support
Whether it's setting up for a live workshop or editing videos for a course, our tech team has got you covered. We handle the technicalities, so you can focus on delivering great content.
Comprehensive Management
From student enrollments to course updates to running ads for a course, we manage the logistics. You bring your expertise, and we take care of the rest.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are top questions mentors ask us before they join our program!
What qualifications do I need to become a mentor with EntryLevel?
To join us as a mentor, we look for professionals who have:
- Over 5 years of relevant industry experience. - A background in roles that involve mentoring or leading junior to mid-level professionals. - A strong passion for mentoring and sharing knowledge.
We value mentors who can bring diverse perspectives and are dedicated to helping others grow.
What kind of mentoring opportunities are available, and how flexible are they?
EntryLevel offers a range of mentoring opportunities to fit your schedule and commitment level:
Course Review: Provide expert feedback on our courses to ensure they meet industry standards. This is a less time-consuming role, perfect for those on standby for reviews.
Live Engagement: Participate in live events, workshops, or AMA sessions to connect with students.
Content Creation: Develop instructional videos or write content to guide learners through complex topics.
Course Development: Work with us to create a comprehensive course from start to finish.
Opportunities 1 and 2 are on a volunteer basis, while 3 and 4 are compensated roles.
As a student, how often will I interact with mentors, and what form will it take?
Our courses are designed for self-paced learning with all content pre-recorded by our mentors to ensure you can learn at your own rhythm. While there is no live interaction within the courses themselves, students have the opportunity to engage with mentors during our live events and workshops. These sessions are a great way to get deeper insights and ask questions in real-time.