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Financial Analyst

Love working with spreadsheets? Then you’ll love this program. Learn accounting principles to interpret financial statements, create financial reports, and assess investment opportunities.


Iva Charlopova

Senior Finance Manager at Brighte
Time commitment
5-10 hours / week
6 weeks
1 portfolio
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27 Sept 2023
11:59pm UTC

What do financial analysts do?

Financial Analysts are responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a company, informing important business decisions.

Learn to analyse past and current financial data to understand company performance, identify trends, and develop financial models, reports and forecasts which they communicate to stakeholders.

What will you learn?

Understand and interpret financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements)
Use Excel to build charts and financial reports
Assess investment opportunities and communicate your findings

This is for you if you're...

A complete beginner

Aspiring financial analysts exploring whether finance is the best career for you.


Data analysts

Curious about applying your data skills in a finance context? You’ll learn how in this program.


Startup founders and VCs

It’s all about the money - especially when you work with startups. Learn financial analysis to understand where to invest your time and money so your startup succeeds.

Don't just watch videos. Learn with hands-on projects.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
- 11:59 pm UTC
Week 0
Program Start
Week 1-3
Modules Unlocked
Week 4-5
Final Submission
Week 6
Peer Review

Module 1 - Week 1

Excel 101

Learn must-know Excel formulas and how to create pivot tables and charts

Module 2 - Week 1

Practice Excel

Apply what you learned with some examples

Module 3 - Week 1

Introduction to accounting and financial statements

Understand income statements and balance sheets

Module 4 - Week 2

Accounting deep dive

Learn more accounting - like accounting rules and journal entries

Module 5 - Week 2

Accounting for an ice cream shop

Apply accounting principles to an example - and create your own financial statements

Module 6 - Week 2

Financial statement analysis

Understand cash flow statements, financial ratios, and more

Module 7 - Week 3

The time value of money

Learn about interest rates, Net Present Value, and calculating a loan schedule

Module 8 - Week 4


Present your findings from everything you've learned so far

Don't understand a term here as a beginner? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about it.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
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Iva Charlopova

Senior Finance Manager at Brighte

Iva is a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) and senior finance manager at Brighte. She has international experience across professional services at Deloitte, as well as finance and accounting in companies ranging from startups to multinational public corporations. Iva is a published author, having co-authored 2 book chapters on the behavioural drivers of corporate fraud. She's passionate about making financial acumen accessible to everyone, and empowering companies to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

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Financial Analyst student
Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
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