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Data Analysis using Excel and Tableau

Learn to manipulate and visualize data using Excel and Tableau. You’ll also get certified and build a stunning portfolio in the 6 weeks that will impress employers.


Nabeel Siddiqui

Lead Analyst at Wise
Time commitment
~5 hours / week
6 weeks
1 portfolio
Enroll before
15 Nov 2023
11:59pm UTC
Course ends
27 Dec 2023

What's data analysis?

Data Analysts help us make sense of all the information that is around us and find important insights that drive big decisions.

Data is the future of tech careers. No matter which company or role you work in, gathering insights from data is a skill that will lead to career growth.

What will you learn?

Create a stunning data dashboard in Tableau - you might even want to print and frame it!
Understand how to clean data using Excel formulas
Use Root Cause Analysis to think critically about data problems

This is for you if you're...

A complete beginner

Never touched a spreadsheet in your life? No problem - we’ve got you.


A startup founder or PM

Make sense of data quickly to improve your product. You’ll also learn to make better decisions.


A marketer

Get to your marketing insights faster by learning Excel formulas. Plus, impress your boss with your data dashboards.

Don't just watch videos. Learn with hands-on projects.
Enrolment deadline:
29 Nov 2023
Week 0
Program Start
Week 1-3
Modules Unlocked
Week 4-5
Final Submission
Week 6
Peer Review

Module 1 - Week 1

Introduction to Data Analysis

Understand the day in the life of a data analyst and the different tools they use in their trade.

Module 2 - Week 1

Preparing data for analysis

Gather and extract data to Google Sheets and standardise it by cleaning and removing unnecessary details.

Module 3 - Week 1

Conducting data analysis using Google Sheets

Understand the theory behind descriptive statistics and pivot tables and then use the power of Google Sheets to uncover insights for your business problem.

Module 4 - Week 2

Data visualizations using Sheets and Tableau

Create charts and graphs in Google Sheets. Learn to connect your data to Tableau and build a dashboard for your case study.

Module 5 - Week 2

Data storytelling

Learn the power of data storytelling, the final step in the data analysis process. You will understand the root cause analysis and how to use narrative, data and visuals to tell a compelling story.

Module 6 - Week 3

Portfolio project

Find a dataset of your choice, frame a problem and apply the skills you learned through the experience for your capstone project.

Module 7 - Week 6

Earn premium perks

Graduate and get surprise gifts!

Don't understand a term here as a beginner? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about it.
Enrolment deadline:
29 Nov 2023
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Increase earning potential with a beautiful certificate - the perfect addition to your LinkedIn profile.

Continuous learning

Learning doesn't stop when your course is over. Get access to exclusive job search tips and workshops after you graduate.
Azubuike's video game sales report
Jennifer's personal data dashboard
Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
Marybeth Ubanwa

Thank you EntryLevel for this very practical experience of data analysis using Excel and Tableau. Thank you especially for teaching me to make a very concise data analysis report and an outstanding portfolio.

Data Analyst student
Princess Amadi

It was definitely fun and exposed me to how the Data analyst works in the real life world. I worked with Googlesheets and Tableau. I also submitted a nice report on the projects I did.

Data Scientist

I just completed the Entry Level Data Analytics certification course. This program has been a wonderful experience for me to develop and deepen my skills more into the world of data. It appears to be the ideal setting for a Data Analytics job.

Data Analyst

Fantastic introductory course for early-stage professionals and/or career switchers. Great for anyone looking to get a glimpse at a career. The modules were easy to follow and used case studies to make sure you got a chance to practice and apply the knowledge. It was well-structured.

Financial Analyst student

I recommend EntryLevel to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the tech industry.

Marketing at Eatable Adventures

If you started without a portfolio, and you finish the EntryLevel program, you'd definitely have a portfolio at the end.

Product Management student
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