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Python for Beginners

Learn Python, one of the most in-demand and fastest growing programming languages, thanks to its increasing use in data science, machine learning, and AI.


Daniel Davis

Independent Developer and Former Communications Manager at DuckDuckGo
Time commitment
5-10 hours / week
6 weeks
1 portfolio
Enroll before
27 Sept 2023
11:59pm UTC

Why should I learn Python?

Whether you're looking to land a job or automate your workflows to save time, learning Python can help.

Dive into the essentials of Python with step-by-step guidance while creating a practical application. You’ll be able to show off your new skills by building a functional, interactive program.

What will you learn?

Understand variables, data types, and data structures
Create projects like calculators and shopping lists
Learn how to use APIs

This is for you if you're...

A complete beginner

Aspiring programmers looking to master the foundations that will get you hired.


A data analyst

Become more efficient at processing, analyzing, and visualizing data.


A productivity fan

Want to save hours of manual work? Learn Python - you'll get to automate your boring tasks.

Don't just watch videos. Learn with hands-on projects.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
- 11:59 pm UTC
Week 0
Program Start
Week 1-3
Modules Unlocked
Week 4-5
Final Submission
Week 6
Peer Review

Module 1 - Week 1

Introduction to Python and programming

Gain an understanding of what programming is, why you should learn Python, and how to set up your Python programming environment.

Module 2 - Week 1

Getting and handling data

Data is at the foundation of any program. Learn how to interact with users, manage data in Python with variables, data types, and complex data structures such as lists and dictionaries.

Module 3 - Week 2

Adding logic

Logic is like water that gives life to your data. Understand how to control the flow of your programs with "if" statements and "for" loops, and learn how pseudocode can make writing real code easier.

Module 4 - Week 2

Making code scalable

When working in teams in particular, programs need to be well structured. Learn how to handle errors in Python with try-except blocks, structure your code with functions, and improve code organisation and reusability using modules.

Module 5 - Week 3

Working with libraries and external data

One thing that makes Python special is its huge ecosystem of libraries. Explore how to leverage these libraries, learn about APIs and RSS feeds, and use the Feedparser library to read RSS feeds.

Module 6 - Week 4

APIs and your portfolio program

Let’s demonstrate your new skills! Apply everything you’ve learned to build a Random Joke Machine program. Understand how to handle potential issues and brainstorm ways to improve your program further.

Module 6 - Week 6

Earn premium perks

Graduate and get surprise gifts!

Don't understand a term here as a beginner? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about it.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
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Daniel Davis

Independent Developer and Former Communications Manager at DuckDuckGo

Originally from the UK, Daniel has been living in Japan for the past 20 years working in programming, web development, and community management. He has taught computing to thousands of people, from workshops and corporate training to community college and local seniors. Having worked at DuckDuckGo, W3C, and Opera Software, he’s now an independent developer building and teaching about AI-powered tools. He’s a member of the Python Software Foundation and in his spare time runs Japan Daily News, and AI-generated podcast.

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Every person I sent my portfolio to was amazed.

That was my first time finishing a whole portfolio.

EntryLevel student


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Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
Olufunke Olayiwola

One fantastic thing that stood out for me was the practical aspect of the course. This course isn't like any other course where they churn out information without practicals or real-life applications.

I love that we worked on real-life projects and compiled our work into a portfolio. Plus the teamwork with my group members, the reviews, and group discussions.

Marketing student
Hlulani Mlondo

I recommend this a million times to any professional who want to develop new tech skills. EntryLevel is beyond a training company, for me it is a reliable mentor. The program is facilitated by seasoned world class professionals who worked in reputable companies.

UX Design student

It has really given me a passion to learn more and I feel that there's so much I can do after being a part of this program.

Data 2: SQL student

When I was trying to teach myself, I didn't get as much insights as I got from EntryLevel…I could prove to everyone that I've actually worked on a real project. Everyone needs to harness the knowledge from EntryLevel.

Data 2: SQL student

I’d recommend giving up your two weekly cocktails and spend that money on an EntryLevel course. It’ll accelerate your success.

Growth/Digital Marketing student
Azeezah Adekunle

I'm not even trying to cap right now, like every person I sent to my portfolio to was amazed. It makes them want to talk to me and learn more about me.

Venture Capital Analyst student
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