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Growth/Digital Marketing

Learn proven frameworks that will grow your business so you can be confident in your marketing skills.


Ajay Prakash

Founder and CEO at EntryLevel
Time commitment
5-10 hours / week
6 weeks
1 portfolio
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27 Sept 2023
11:59pm UTC

How to know if marketing is for you

Can't choose between being creative and being analytical? Digital marketing might be for you.

Marketers get to express their creativity with campaigns and graphics, while also practice their analytical skills to evaluate the results of those campaigns.

What will you learn?

Use the 5Cs Analysis and Larger Market Triangle to deeply understand your customers and market
Dive into Pirate Metrics to diagnose problems with a company’s growth'
Create and conduct a growth experiment to help a company grow

This is for you if you're...

A complete beginner

Are you an aspiring marketer with no idea what to start learning? This program will provide strong foundations for your future learning.


A startup founder

If you dream about product-market fit, this program is for you. Learn how to grow your startup into the next unicorn.


An influencer or creator

Want to take your content to the next level? This program will teach you the fundamentals to grow your personal brand.

Don't just watch videos. Learn with hands-on projects.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
- 11:59 pm UTC
Week 0
Program Start
Week 1-3
Modules Unlocked
Week 4-5
Final Submission
Week 6
Peer Review

Module 1 - Week 1

The market and customers

Get started researching a market of your choice, and decide on a company to create an offering for.

Module 2 - Week 1

Pirate Metrics

Learn how to build a full marketing funnel with the Pirate Metrics framework (AARRR funnel).

Module 3 - Week 2

Experimentation and A/B testing

Learn to avoid common experimentation mistakes and create your own A/B test.

Module 4 - Week 5

Final portfolio

Put your marketing strategy together into a portfolio.

Module 6 - Week 6

Earn premium perks

Graduate and get surprise gifts!

Don't understand a term here as a beginner? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about it.
Enrolment deadline:
27 Sept 2023
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Ajay Prakash

Founder and CEO at EntryLevel

Ajay is a Forbes U30 serial entrepreneur that has raised over $50M in capital from large scale venture funds and companies. He's launched over 50 products and started 8 companies across F&B, deep tech, blockchain, education and recruitment. Ajay previously ran a marketing agency that worked with several companies and organisations with his clients getting 100,000s in sign-ups, millions in revenue and even working with ministers of parliament.

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Every person I sent my portfolio to was amazed.

That was my first time finishing a whole portfolio.

EntryLevel student
Hue Do's Growth Marketing portfolio
Vietnam 🇻🇳


Alumni portfolios
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Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
Olufunke Olayiwola

One fantastic thing that stood out for me was the practical aspect of the course. This course isn't like any other course where they churn out information without practicals or real-life applications.

I love that we worked on real-life projects and compiled our work into a portfolio. Plus the teamwork with my group members, the reviews, and group discussions.

Marketing student
Arinze Emmanuel

Over the past 7 weeks, I honed my sales skills by adding a scientific knowledge of marketing to my skillset. I enrolled in a growth marketing class by EntryLevel and it was one of the best career decisions I made this year.

The training was everything it promised and more, it leaves you ready to hit the ground running in the world of growth marketing.

Marketing student
Taylor Jefferson-Hamler

Yay! I completed my first course taken with EntryLevel and it was a highly rewarding experience- to say the least.

Thank you to Ajay Prakash for conducting such a comprehensive course. Not only does it discuss the ins and outs of working in growth marketing, but it also provides interactive assignments to promote real-life application of skills being taught.

I am excited to use the knowledge I've acquired to advance in my career path and future business endeavors.

Marketing student
Tobias Birch

Thanks to the Growth Marketing course at EntryLevel, I've now got a landing page for a Furby Customization service, should that ever be a hustle I want to get off the ground 💪💪💪

This gave me a chance to work with Webflow which I'd never even HEARD of prior. So beyond pleased with this course and my progress!

Marketing student
Ati Aziz

Thank you @EntryLevelNet! I used a lot of your frameworks when interviewing for growth roles.

Growth Marketer

I’d recommend giving up your two weekly cocktails and spend that money on an EntryLevel course. It’ll accelerate your success.

Growth/Digital Marketing student
Our students are confident in their skills
We help students like you fall in love with learning again - and discover what they're passionate about.
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