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We’re on a mission to empower billions of people with the tech skills they need, to embrace the power of AI, and to land jobs that matter to them.

No matter your background, age, or country you were born in, we believe everyone deserves a shot at a career they love. That’s why we don’t believe in old dusty textbooks and we’ve built learning around real-world projects from world-class experts in the field.
Our Story
The Beginning
It all started with a simple yet powerful idea: what if everyone could have the opportunity to reskill into technology, regardless of their background or financial status? This question laid the foundation for EntryLevel.
The Journey
Over the years, we've grown from a humble beginning with a single Notion document to a platform that has impacted over 30,000 learners across 182 countries. Our journey is a testament to our belief that when education is accessible, the possibilities are limitless.
Supporting You
Because we’re not just about job titles, every one of our courses is backed by our interview money back guarantee. That’s right. We guarantee you’ll start landing interviews after you finish one of our courses or we’ll give you a 100% refund and another free course. Yep, that’s right.
Our Impact
A Global Reach
This isn’t just about reskilling, it’s about unlocking potential. We’re talking about billions of minds from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, and the other 182 countries we’ve had students from so far.
Success Stories
From career switchers to first-time tech enthusiasts, our learners' success stories are what drive us. Each story is a unique journey of growth, resilience, and triumph.
Our students' success stories
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Meet Our Team
Ajay Prakash
Founder & CEO
Stew Glynn
Rene Kumar
Senior Web Developer
Ayush Jain
Lead Learning Designer
Fifi Edem
Community & Support Lead
Jerome De Leon
Senior Web Developer
Mia Navarro
Executive Assistant
Jennifer Chou
Growth Associate
Kristel Verhaeghe
Growth and Community Assistant
Alton Ong
Product Design Intern
Our Approach
Accessible Learning for All
We've designed our courses to be affordable and approachable, breaking down barriers to tech education. Our focus is on practical, real-world skills that are immediately applicable.
Innovation in Reskilling
As technology evolves, so do we. Our courses are continuously updated to keep pace with the latest trends and demands in the tech industry.
"EntryLevel ensured a hands-on learning experience."

What sets EntryLevel apart is their commitment to providing more than just course materials. They ensured a hands-on learning experience, for which I am immensely grateful. As evidence of my dedication, I have developed a comprehensive portfolio that showcases my accomplishments.

Oluwadamilola Balogun
Data Analyst student
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