About EntryLevel

To empower 1 billion people to discover, reskill into, and nurture a meaningful career.

EntryLevel was set up with one goal: help people find meaningful employment.

Whether you are someone entering the workforce for the first time and you are uncertain of how to proceed, or if you have worked in a role for years and want to find that new job - EntryLevel is here to help.

Need Help?

At EntryLevel, our specialty is teaching skills that are directly applicable to existing employment opportunities.

Technology is increasingly permeating the workforce and is why we have to worry about getting a new job, or keeping an existing job.

Even careers that rely on predominantly soft skills, often require experience with specialised industry softwares that make it difficult to change role or industry.

We believe that lifelong learning is the key to futureproofing your career.

If you're looking for an experience bump before a new role, you're at the right place.

Our Team

Ajay Prakash

Founder & CEO

Stew Glynn


Edwin Onggo

Head of Growth

Albert Boukarim

Head of Operations

Alan Truong

Head of Engineering

Amelia Lim

Product Operations Manager

Ayush Jain

Learning Designer

Rene Kumar

Software Engineer

Jennifer Chou

Growth Associate

Ikemefuna Peace

Community Manager

Fifi Edem

Community Manager