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Most online courses have you watch videos.Stand out from other beginner job seekers with a portfolio, so you have something to talk about in your job interviews.


"Every person I sent my portfolio to was amazed."

I'm not even trying to cap right now, like every person I sent to my portfolio to was amazed. It makes them want to talk to me and learn more about me.

Venture Capital Analyst student

"I've actually worked on a real project."

When I was trying to teach myself, I didn't get as much insights as I got from EntryLevel…I could prove to everyone that I've actually worked on a real project. Everyone needs to harness the knowledge from EntryLevel.

Data 2: SQL student
Olufunke Olayiwola

"We worked on real-life projects."

One fantastic thing that stood out for me was the practical aspect of the course. This course isn't like any other course where they churn out information without practicals or real-life applications.

I love that we worked on real-life projects and compiled our work into a portfolio. Plus the teamwork with my group members, the reviews, and group discussions.

Marketing student

"Because of EntryLevel I know what real leadership is."

In this program I was tasked with solving real world scenarios. This allowed me to obtain new strategies for core development in the corporate setting.

Because of EntryLevel I know what real leadership is, I know what my team needs in order to be successful.

Scrum Master student

"Build a portfolio."

If you started without a portfolio, and you finish the EntryLevel program, you'd definitely have a portfolio at the end.

Product Management student
Oluwadamilola Balogun

"EntryLevel ensured a hands-on learning experience."

What sets EntryLevel apart is their commitment to providing more than just course materials. They ensured a hands-on learning experience, for which I am immensely grateful. As evidence of my dedication, I have developed a comprehensive portfolio that showcases my accomplishments.

Data Analyst student
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Confidently ace the tech job interview

After an EntryLevel course, you'll feel confident you can do the job - because you've already done similar projects in the EntryLevel course. Our hands-on portfolio projects teach you skills you need to excel.

"EntryLevel set me apart from other candidates"

Jennifer E.

Product Manager at Efortlex Limited

I began looking for jobs and with my portfolio in hand, I confidently navigated the interview process and eventually landed my first internship job. EntryLevel's practical experience and insights undoubtedly set me apart from other candidates.

"It'll accelerate your success."
Growth/Digital Marketing student
"So beyond pleased with my progress!"
Marketing student
"100% recommend."
Venture Capital Analyst student
"The experience was invaluable to me in getting confident and starting to charge for clients."
Audrey T.
Founder of Mapo Studio Agency
"Because of EntryLevel I know what real leadership is."
Scrum Master student
"The community was the game changer."
VC Analyst student

Transition into tech so you can work remotely

Stop being overwhelmed. Start with Entrylevel and break into tech today.

I learned and understood more about working with spreadsheets, creating pivot tables and tableau even though I had some level of experience before coming on board. I now feel comfortable writing and designing data analysis report for result driven purposes from start to finish. Proud to be certified as a Data Analyst by EntryLevel looking forward to level 2.

Kaiser Kigwe
Data Analyst & Digital Brand Manager

I’d recommend giving up your two weekly cocktails and spend that money on an EntryLevel course. It’ll accelerate your success.

Growth/Digital Marketing student

I was all over the place…EntryLevel was one of the best decisions I made because it helps me focus.

Financial Analyst student

Join EntryLevel's supportive community

Don't learn alone - EntryLevel's active community keeps you engaged throughout your learning (and after). Get answers to your questions, network with peers, and discover new job postings.

"The community was a game changer."

Alex Y.

Founder at The Snooze Strategists

Kudos to having experienced and patient community managers who worked hard to maintain engagement, encouragement, and support with some of the tricky assignments.

"I made really good friends in the industry."
UX Design student
"Team members always check in on us to motivate us."
Product Management student
"Connect with like-minded individuals eager to grow."
Data Analyst student
"Find job opportunities in the EntryLevel community."
Data Analyst student
"EntryLevel is beyond a training company. It's a mentor."
Hlulani Mlondo
UX Design student
Fellow learners helped me overcome every struggle.
EntryLevel student
Gain confidence in your skills today
Start learning now, and in 6 weeks you'll have a portfolio project to impress recruiters with.
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Trusted by over 15,297 students