November 17, 2022

Break into Tech 💻

Advice from EntryLevel students


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Note: event moved online due to capacity! You can now join from anywhere in the world.

Have you been trying to break into your first tech role? Hear from others who've done it before - and get advice so you can succeed.

EntryLevel is excited to bring you expert advice at our ONLINE ZOOM EVENT: Break into Tech

In our live panel, Caleb (Head of Programs @ EntryLevel) will be talking to three of our students who have broken into tech, how they broke in, and what they learned along the way.

Come along to learn how to break into tech, meet other professionals in tech and connect with the EntryLevel team.


Oluwatoyin Abioye - Product Manager

Johnpaul Nwobodo - Venture Capital Analyst

Omolola Odunowo - Product Manager

Key insights from the event

Find a similarity between you and someone you want to connect with. Sometimes job searching and getting experience is all about connections!

A portfolio (shows all your projects and work) will help you stand out. Put your best work in them (EntryLevel can help you create a portfolio step-by-step)

Network like your life depends on it. Here are some tips for cold outreach and tips for networking. Join a community if you can!

"I've always been ashamed of sharing my ideas and stuffs I work on but thanks to Lola, she's inspired me to drop my shame at home."

"To all panelists you are all doing amazing and it's great hearing your stories!"

Here is the Zoom link with all the chat details, if you prefer reading the Zoom chat while watching.

Resources shared:

Learning (online courses, resources)

Resource hub:

Discover which tech career is best for you:

Career (resume, networking, mentorship)

Avoid resume mistakes:

Job search workbooks:

Portfolio websites:,,

Get feedback on your work, mentorship, etc.:

Biggest mistakes people make when finding mentors:

Get weekly career insights:

Tech communities to join

SheCodeAfrica (women in Africa only)

Non Tech in Tech (design, PMs only)


Newbie Product Management

All About The Data

Data Analyst

Alexa (previous EntryLevel student):

Advice for data newbies:

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Omolola Odunowo

Product Manager at AlgoCrib

Lola is a star student from the very first cohort of EntryLevel's product management program. After learning with us, Lola managed numerous software products to build up her experience.

Johnpaul Nwobodo

Investment Analyst at Adaverse

Johnpaul is a previous EntryLevel Venture Capital Analyst student. He currently works in VC, solving Africa's funding problem through DEFI Crowdfunding.

Oluwatoyin Abioye

Product Manager and Community Manager

Oluwatoyin is a Product Manager at Troyka Holdings Ltd, building scalable, customer-centric, and globally impacting products.

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