Product Management

November 16, 2022

So You Want to Be a Product Manager?

Live chat with Anne Kamunyu


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About This Event

Are you considering a career as a Product Manager? Want to know what a day-to-day job in product management looks like?

Join us to learn about what a day in the life looks like for a product manager.

Product managers are one of the most highly-priced and sought-after worldwide. But often, the role is not well defined, so aspiring PMs looking to transition into the role often have difficulty in knowing where to start.

You can ask questions and build your online network by interacting with fellow classmates and an expert instructor —all in real time via live chatbox and Q&A. You can also submit your questions in advance.

Unique or funny thing about being a PM, you're known as the CEO of Delivering Bad News to People Who Have the Power to Fire You

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Anne Kamunyu

Core Product Manager at Kwara

Anne was born and schooled in Nairobi, Kenya. She is certified with Product Focus body as Product Manager with over +4 years of experience and recognition in delivering positive customer and business outcomes in Kenya and the Sub-Saharan markets.

She has been with Kwara for 11 months where she has built revenue-generating features and leads a team of 8 in the Core Banking platform. Kwara offers a secure, simple and affordable digital banking platform for SACCOs and their members, who are often excluded by traditional banks. Kwara's mission is to make building wealth together frictionless.

Prior to this, she was a product manager at M-KOPA. She started off as a Customer care representative, then a Projects Officer, followed by a Business Analyst and finally a PM. She spearheaded M-KOPA's first Sales App where the onboarding process transitioned from 2 hours to 15 min hence an increase in sales by over 45%.

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