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January 6, 2023

How to start your data journey in 2023

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Alexa shares insights for breaking into data.


Key insights from the event

More in Twitter thread:

  1. Start with research - there are different paths in data
  2. Do a self evaluation - what skills and experiences do you already have?
  3. Plan a personal learning curriculum
  4. Find the right learning platform (like EntryLevel)
  5. Join a community
  6. Follow data professionals online (check out Twitter thread above for more)
  7. Set small and big goals to take it step by step without being overwhelmed
  8. Set up your portfolio to stand out (EntryLevel guides you through it)
  9. Prepare for the job (interview skills, confidence)
  10. Optimize your social media profile - share what you're learning

Share screenshots, learnings, insights, your process, etc. online - you don't need to complete a project to start sharing.

To transition into data from another field, consider your previous experience. Remember steps 1 and 2: do your research and do a self evaluation. Search for analytics-related skills in your previous experience so you can leverage your experience for data.

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Advice for data newbies

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Data Analyst Level 1 program:

Data resource hub:

Data roadmap:

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Alexa Ighodaro

Data Engineer at Wema Bank PIc

As a data analyst turned software engineer turned data engineer, Alexa started sharing her data learnings online. Now, she has amassed a following of over 40,000 online, where she shares resources for learning data.

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