Data Analytics

January 19, 2024

How to learn data analysis

Q&A with EntryLevel's youngest student


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Share your story - how’d you get started learning?

Older sister is in cybersecurity

DataCamp - had intro to programming language


Learned life skills like Microsoft PowerPoint

EntryLevel was the first course providers who made me create a portfolio

  • Others only did projects

How did you know data is what you like?

Love numbers

Started learning in 2020 - at 12 years old

Wanted to explore more about data

How did you stick to learning?

Had a schedule

Average 2 hours per day

Recommendations for learning? How do you make time for it?

The best time to learn is usually at night

  • No noise
  • More time to learn
  • Easier to enter your head
  • Focus

Find projects to build?


Find a project - try to solve it

If it doesn’t work, then you know what to learn (go back to courses)

Do you need a tech or data background? How do you learn as a beginner?

No don’t need that background

Just need incentive to learn

Try to use what you’ve learned to build projects

Must always try and build projects

  • Not just certificate
  • To showcase on LinkedIn

Mistakes you made?

Focusing on certificates

  • All are introduction
  • LinkedIn - people wouldn’t know I did more than intro
  • But if you do projects, they’d know it’s an intermediate project

Giving up

Wish started documenting/learning earlier

How many courses/certificates?


50 skills on LinkedIn

Each certificate gives multiple skills

  • Communication
  • Team leader

SQL or Python?

Python is more versatile - not just for data

There are other tools like PowerBI and Tableau

More about using tools together

  • Analyzing data and creating dashboards

What kind of job can data analysts do? Day to day?

Task: data analysis

Job: data analyst


How to start?

  • Love the portfolio
  • Makes you stand out
  • Work on real-world projects

If you go to YouTube

How do you stay motivated to continue learning?

Finish what I started

Work on projects you’ve done without the course

  • Watch course
  • Work on project on your own without help from the course
  • So you know what to improve on

Future plans after course and projects?

Look for internships - some free, some scholarships

  • Scholarship isn’t for knowledge only, but for you to impact the world as a whole

How do you find these opportunities?

Network - what sister sent

Active on LinkedIn

  • See opportunities

How to connect with them on LinkedIn?

  • Search for people who are doing something similar
  • Connect with the recommendations LinkedIn
  • Message saying “I met you at this event”
  • Ex) seeing someone share a certificate, check out that learning provider

Advice for students?


  • Can start small - 5 min in the course, then take a break

Talk to ppl

  • Advice on what to do



  • Post projects on LinkedIn


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