January 16, 2024

How to land a remote job in tech in 2024

Tips from a talent advisor


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How to stand out as a beginner?

Figure out what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about

Don’t get caught up in trends (like AI) - don’t just focus on hard skills

  • Unless your really thrive there like learning tools

Think about connecting with the right people - soft skills

Communication skills

  • Can be via chat or emails too

What if you’re passionate about multiple things/have trouble picking 1? What do you put in your resume/LinkedIn?

Example: you enjoy working with people, but not sure if you want to go into sales, product management, customer support, community management

  • Can narrow it down - if you don’t like sales, try the other ones

Instead of putting job title, put your strengths (talent magnet, traveler, etc.)

Position yourself uniquely from others (retail specialist turned data geek)

What do you put in resume/LinkedIn if you’re a complete beginner?

You have skills - think about what’s transferrable

Think about skills - ask your friends, family, etc. about your skills

ChatGPT can help with self reflection

Where to find remote jobs? Not just US-only

Dig deeper - find specialized job boards

Create job alerts - get it in your inbox

Communities - FB, LinkedIn, Slack

Stalk them on LinkedIn


Get priority

Doesn’t have to be a friend

Have to interact with them

Element of trust (rather than applicants through job boards)

How to do cold outreach to get referrals?

Recruiters and HR aren’t the best ppl to reach out to (too busy)

Look for people who are already on the team (as a data analyst, product manager, etc.)

Look at the person’s LinkedIn activity

  • Like a post
  • Comment on a post
  • Congratulate
  • Slow steps like that

Common mistakes (resume, networking, etc.)?

Get someone to review your resume, LinkedIn - help you craft an influential message

Write things down, look for different perspectives to understand your passion

Be clear on what you bring to the table

Resume/CV/LinkedIn/interview need to scream “what am I here to provide?” for the employer

  • Personal and professional characteristics

Your uniqueness is what can sell

Confidence sells - fantastic skills even without the experience

How to get experience/stand out if you can’t get a job as a beginner?

Apply even if you don’t think you meet requirements

  • Not all requirements are mandatory

If you have 1 year of general experience, and job requires 2 - apply

If you have 1 year, and job requires 5 - there’s a bigger gap

According to research, men apply to jobs if they meet 50% of requirements…women apply only if they meet 80% (this is hard)

  • Rule of thumb: if you think you have the skills to meet 60% of the requirements, apply

Should you mass apply? Or be focused on companies you like?

It’s a mix of both

It’s a numbers game - can’t just apply to 2-3

The people who win are ones who are strategic

  • Apply to jobs that are very similar in different companies
  • Jobs good match for their skills, resume, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Be selective, but have a broad idea (don’t do too much research in just 1 company)
  • Pick top companies you’d be happy in, put job alerts

Jennifer (me) shared how I wanted to go into UX design, but liked a company and applied for marketing and liked marketing more (enjoyed the job bc loved the company)

  • Why skills are important

Apply when you’re still studying or wait until you’re done?

It depends on the position you’re going for

Depends on full- vs part-time studying too

Still a good idea to start the engagement

How to find remote jobs? Prove you can do what it takes despite challenges (timezones)

Some companies might not hire from anywhere bc of tax/legal reasons

Freelancing is on the rise too - check out these tips:

  • Can turn into full-time role

What if you’re transitioning from another field (5-8 years experience) - should you go for a junior role in tech?

If you can afford it, try internship

Otherwise, go for specialist roles (not expert-level)

See what you can compromise with (might have lower salary)

Have rejected some ppl bc they’re overqualified

  • As a recruiter you’re looking at the team, organization, culture and values

Some ppl go from banking (slow) to tech (fast-paced) → have to convince you can make transition

  • Skills
  • Flexible experiences - extracurriculars

Jennifer’s example: convince marketing, timezone

Protect from layoffs?

Learn new skills

Do recruiters look at extracurriculars (course projects) vs real-life experience (internships) differently?

The challenge with courses: they’re more theoretical than practical

Internship is perceived as more experience-oriented vs theory

To differentiate - mention the course subjects (keywords) and specific problem/projects



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  • As a beginner, yours should be 1 page

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