September 15, 2022

Build a Standout Resume

Tips from a recruiter


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Did you know that on average a hiring manager looks at each resume for just 6 seconds?

Having a great resume puts you on top pile of your potential employer.

When searching for a job, it can feel like you are sending out resumes into a void, never hearing back from hiring managers.

In this workshop, we have Robert Neumann (Specialist Recruitment Consultant) who will answers questions such as:

  • How do you craft the perfect resume?
  • Should I tailor my resume for each organisation?
  • What mistakes to avoid while creating your resume
  • How to think from a recruiter’s perspective?

We also talked about the job search mindset and how to deal with rejections and keep on moving.

Watch this resume workshop recording to learn all the tips and tricks to creating a standout resume, as well as how to write effectively about your experience and yourself.

We also reviewed a few resumes that were sent in.

About Robert

I came to Melbourne as an international student in 2018, worked in elite sporting organisations, participated in various Entrepreneurial tech competitions, and won an innovation program in Silicon Valley before joining Marshall McAdam to work with tech talent as a dedicated Cyber Security Technical Recruiter. I have since then built entire Infrastructure and Security teams for e.g. ASX listed companies.

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Robert Neumann

Specialist Recruitment Consultant at Marshall McAdam

As a Specialist Recruitment Consultant, Robert Neumann has years of experience connecting talent to various companies. Before working at Marshall McAdam as a Cyber Security Technical Recruiter, Robert has worked in elite sporting organizations, participated in entrepreneurial tech competitions, and won an innovation program in Silicon Valley.

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