Landing a data internship from a medical background

Adeyinka's story


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Adeyinka started out as a transcriptionist. She also had a medical background, so transitioned into tech through learning data analysis. Learn tips that's helped her land an internship.


Tell us your story - what was your learning journey like?

Last year December 2022

Started as a transcriptionist

Wanted to dive into tech

Data Analyst came into mind

Stay at home mom

  • Didn’t wanna just do nothing

Came across EntryLevel on Facebook

Started Data Analyst 1

  • Online
  • Very interactive
  • Discord peers - met people
  • The videos are very explanatory
  • Very easy to understand

Not satisfied with Data Analyst 1, so went to Data Analyst 2: SQL

  • Loved it
  • Data 3 not yet (waitlist)

Portfolio project

  • Employer saw the project
  • Know what I was doing

Were you a complete beginner?

Came from a medical background

Not tech background

Dabbled in transcription, data entry in freelancing

Nothing like coding - thought it was hard

Gave it a try, took the time, put in best effort

Stepping stone

Medical and data are kinda similar too

  • Can be a data analyst in healthcare settings

Portfolio tips?

Followed EntryLevel’s guide

For you to be recognized and well-known, just put your mind into it

If you’re given an assignment, give it with all your might, as if you’re doing it with your company

  • Don’t do it shabbily, just for a certificate
  • Do it to learn, to internalize more

Have focus

Put portfolio together with good visualization, explain it well

  • Check English Grammarly

Add links to your portfolio in your CV

  • So people can see what you’ve done
  • Some employers might not be able to go through portfolio, so you have to add snapshots of it, attach to CV

How did you land the job?

Had to change CV

  • Added screenshots of portfolio
  • Within 1 month, got an interview

Sent a lot of applications

  • But kept going

Unpaid internship - gain more wisdom, experience

Used Canva to portfolio

Advice for ppl in the job search

Shouldn’t give up

If someone says no, another person will say yes

A lot of people said no, but it takes 1 yes to change things

Took 2 months to get the job, because was consistent

  • Sent out 5-6 CVs and applications every day
  • LinkedIn jobs, Google

It’s already a template, just change some things and add CV. Doesn’t take a long time

What did you do after EntryLevel?

Kept learning with Accenture and doing projects

What advice do you have for other students?

Just believe in yourself, have faith you can do it

If anyone says you can’t, just tell them you can

A lot of people told Yinka she couldn’t do it (non-tech background)

  • “I told them the way I learn is different”
  • “I kept on believing in myself”

Keep learning

  • Move ahead of colleagues and competition

Be open to opportunities

  • Don’t let money come first

Resources mentioned


Accenture course from The Forage

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