🚀 About EntryLevel

Empower 1 billion people to discover, reskill into, and nurture a meaningful career.

EntryLevel was set up with one goal: help people find meaningful employment.

Whether you are someone entering the workforce for the first time and you are uncertain of how to proceed, or if you have worked in a role for years and want to find that new job - EntryLevel is here to help.
30,000+ learners
We’ve been around for 2 years and in that time, we’ve already impacted 30,000+ people.
182+ countries
Our impact is global. We’ve trained students in 182 countries. That’s 93% of all countries!
❤️ Our values

We believe in...

Accessible education
Tech skills education should be accessible to everyone.

By pricing our courses affordably, we hope to change the lives of people who cannot afford thousand-dollar bootcamps.
Meaningful careers
Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the skills to get meaningful employment.

We want to help you discover your passion and pave the way to get there.
Unconventional growth
Not everyone has a tech background - and that's okay! We embrace people with non-tech experience.

We believe your unique background can help you stand out in your career.
📖 Our story

From 0 to 30,000+ students: a timeline

EntryLevel is born
We started teaching students Product Management with just a Notion document.

Project submissions were collected via Google Forms.
entrylevel platform modules to learn online in 6 weeks. pre-work module is shown.
Monthly cohorts launched
We start taking enrollments on our new platform every month.

New courses are launched, like data analyst and venture capital analyst.
2023 and beyond
Students share their portfolios
Students shared their experience with us on social media, helping us grow from 0 to 30,000+ students.

We hope to impact 1,000,000 people!

EntryLevel fulfilled my long-standing wish to delve into this field, and the vibrant community on Discord has made the online learning journey feel less lonely.

- Olayinka, an EntryLevel student

Our Team

Ajay Prakash
Founder & CEO
Stew Glynn
Rene Kumar
Senior Web Developer
Ayush Jain
Lead Learning Designer
Fifi Edem
Community & Support Lead
Jerome De Leon
Senior Web Developer
Mia Navarro
Executive Assistant
Jennifer Chou
Growth Associate
Kristel Verhaeghe
Growth and Community Assistant
Alton Ong
Product Design Intern