Virtual Coaching

Get Personal Training for your career. A personal dream team of recruiters, industry mentors and educators to help you attain any career goal!

If you don't land a job in 6 months, we'll refund 100% of your money.
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Get Personal Training for your Career.

A new affordable service (at $5 a day)to help you land your next job effectively, even if you don't have the skills for it yet.

💰  Earn more money
🧐  Find a role where you are challenged and grow
🥰  Find a role where you're valued
🚀  Create real impact in the world with your job

Don't get left behind

Develop a game plan with an EntryLevel coach for the career you want and where you want to be.
Why is it that we can spend money for a personal trainer to help us with our physical goals but we can't get a nutritionist, trainer, physiotherapist, and a team to help us with our educational and career goals?

We Form a Dream Team to Help you Reskill and Land a Job

Career Advice & Mentoring

Find the perfect overlap between your qualifications and the job you want. We’ll provide the training to fill in the gaps in your skillset

Personalised Training Plans

Learn new employable tech skills with a training plan developed around your existing experience. Your coach will keep in touch and keep you accountable

Helping you find your dream company

Your coach will be there with you for the job hunt! We can help you build a Portfolio and refine your Resume so that you can land an interview.

Who Should Join



Experience what it is like in the day in a life of an intern in this specific role. See if its a good fit for you.

Working Together

Career Transitioners

Experience what it is like in the day in a life of an intern in this specific role. See if its a good fit for you.

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Any Job Seekers

Experience what it is like in the day in a life of an intern in this specific role. See if its a good fit for you.

Your Personal Team

Ajay Prakash

Head Reskilling Coach | Ex-Chief Product Officer at a $100M Company, Ex-Talent Manager at Crossover recruiting 50 people a month.
Ajay has helped thousands of people find new careers from an education, recruitment, and coaching perspective. He can work with you to formulate a plan that will help you hit your goals quickly. Just like with fitness, reskilling and your career development is a lifelong journey. He has worked at several companies in management and execution roles across operations, marketing, product, development, and sales. All of that alongside his recruitment background will give him the ability to help you not just from a recruitment perspective but also give you insights into how the role works and what you will need to do to get the roles.

We have 50+ Industry Mentors, here are a few:

Industry mentors will assist you as required for learning content, giving you insider introductions and other help that they can provide you throughout your journey. Whilst your coach is your main point of content, think of these mentors like board directors who will help guide your direction.

David Wang

Ex-Product Manager at Qantas, Commbank and AirTasker

Jenny Chu

Head of Product at Eucalyptus

Vikram Bharati

CEO at Draper Startup House

Michelle Lia

Head of Growth at WeMoney

Tristan Frizza

Data Scientist at Atlassian

Onur Ekinci

Senior Product Manager at

Loong Wang

CTO at REN Project

George Siosi

Head of Community at Faia

Yatz Jeyaram

Principal Process Engineer at UGL

Giulianna Crivello

Head of Ventures at Draper Startup House

Ben Khabib

Chemical Engineer at DuPont Water Solution

Rob Liu

CEO at ContactOut


Here are just a few our testimonials from real people out there creating amazing impact with the work they do!

Alol Elba

Data Analyst at Relationships Australia
The EntryLevel coaching service has transformed the way that I've tackled things. I came into this as a psychology major that wasn't sure what I wanted to go into. With a few sessions, I discovered a passion for data and figured out a quick way to get into that field. Within just 3 months, I've successfully transitioned into a data role at Relationships Australia.

Chadana Wettasinghe

Product Executive at Cartology
I found that my current role as an automotive product planner had fairly limited scope. After talking to my new coaches, I found that I actually had a very easy pathway into a product role at a tech company. Within just 4 months, I was able to land a position.

George Lake

Community Manager at Moet Protocol
I'm a computer science student who has tried a few things and I've recently just finished learning about blockchain technologies and I wanted to jump into the field. Unfortunately, it's hard to get opportunities as a student but with the help of Ajay and the team, I was able to land a new community management role at Moet and hoping to transition into the software team with a bit of training.

Vishnu Indran

It Support Manager at Hitech Support
My biggest issue was the fact that I didn't know where I could take my career. I had a few ideas but none of them were fleshed out and though the actual work I do is important to me I also wanted to get a higher pay. With the help of the team, I was able to narrow down the choices and focus on a few objectives to make sure I succeeded. Within just a few months, I managed to add $20k to my salary and am having a blast at my new job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Virtual Coaching Work?

Think of it like a personal trainer, but for your professional life.Your coach will help you to plan out a series of milestones with a final goal in mind. You will then work together to develop the skills and accomplish the tasks required to reach that goal.Your coach will be available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can Instant Message or set up a Video Call any time.Your coach will also routinely get in contact with you to check up on your progress and offer any assistance that you might need.

What type of time commitment do I have to make?

That is totally up to you!In your first few sessions, you and your coach will determine what you want to accomplish together. These goals can be as bold or as humble as you like! You will only have 1 call every month and the rest of the communication will happen via chat or text message. From there, we will be able to determine a realistic timeframe for your goal.If you feel like you have obtained the skills you need and you are confident in your ability to fly solo, you can stop at any time. Your confidence is an outcome our trainers love to see!

What types of careers can EntryLevel help me get?

At EntryLevel, our specialty is teaching technical skills that are specific to existing employment opportunities. The reason for this specialty is that technology is increasingly permeating the workforce and is often the reason we have to worry about getting a job, or keeping an existing job.

As an example these roles could be:
- Product
- Data
- Marketing/Growth
- Engineering
- or any other roles in the tech area

We're also great for people who don't even know what they want to do and are keen to explore / get their feet wet. Even careers that rely on predominantly soft skills, often require experience with specialised industry software that make it difficult to change roles or industries. We believe that technological literacy is the key to future-proofing your career. An armoury of technical skills can often be more valuable to your career than work experience.

How much does it cost?

$150 USD per month (or ~$5 a day)

How do I get in touch with my coach?

We're open to using Whatsapp, Text Messages or another messaging app of your choice. Emails will be used for monthly reporting and other larger reviews. The monthly calls will be done on zoom.