Data driven, skills based hiring to get better talent.

We run skills programs for thousands of people to extract rich recruitment insights so you can hire on skills not unconscious bias.

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It's no secret. We all talk about it.

Recruitment is Broken.

We’ve done thousands of hours of research, hiring and reskilling to understand the problem.

Resumes have the problem of the unreliable narrator, don’t allow candidates to show their current skills and prioritise the silver spoons. Let’s fix it together!


Resumes are out.
Hiring for Skills is in.

Skills are a much better indicator of performance compare to a resume of hearsay. However, they have never been measured or collected in a quantifiable and effective way.

Until today!

EntryLevel runs 7-50 day reskilling pipelines that extract rich and powerful recruitment insights all from hard skills, soft skills and even their individual preferences for work.

Let's find a new career for amazing people.

Reskill and hire 1B people by 2030.

EntryLevel is on a mission to reskill and help 1 billion people find meaningful careers by 2030. To do this we need your help to eradicate the biases and unattainable standards that companies are setting. Entry level is no longer entry level, job descriptions are wildly inaccurate and recruitment takes weeks if not months.

Let’s change this. Not just for the candidates but so you can spend less time, money and effort on what we all know is a painful process.

Unlock the Power of Data




Pipeline Retention


Data Points

How We Filter

Our platform allows you to filter through the tens of thousands of candidates that we have so you can view the few candidates who are ideal for you and who are currently looking for work or a change.

Interesting. How does it work?

We retrain people whilst collecting data
We have created the most efficient retraining system there is. With thousands of people going in every month, we have 10x the completion rates of traditional online education to make sure we have quality people at the end.
You view anonymous portfolios and skill scores
Our platform allows you to view people’s work, skills and other attributes completely anonymously. You won’t be able to see their personal information until you have shortlisted candidates.
We facilitate Introductions
Once you find candidates that meet your minimum requirement, we will inform them of the job opportunity. If they are interested they will then be invited to chat to you.