Build and test products with real users

What’s the best product you’ve ever tried? Ever wondered what it would be like to create that product? EntryLevel’s product management program is the best way to learn product management. You’ll learn what a product manager does, how to break into product management, and get experience working on tasks for entry-level product manager roles.

If you’re still not sure whether product management is for you, enrol in our online training program to find out. You’ll learn transferable skills that’ll help your career no matter what your dream job is.
Your goals
Discover whether product management is for you
Start your career in product management
Find a more fulfilling job in tech, without needing to code
After EntryLevel's Product Management program
Get clarity whether to pursue an entry-level job in product management
Wow hiring managers with your product management portfolio
Use product management frameworks to land your dream job in product
"The experience was surreal…Product Management is definitely my kinda gig so yes, I'll keep pulling this thread and see where it leads. The skills are super transferable so it's a win win."- Mark

Program details

Learn the most up-to-date industry knowledge

Sick of memorizing buzzwords without ever applying them? That changes now.

Our 6-week online program is created by product management experts with the most up-to-date knowledge of current trends in the industry. Work on projects real product managers do.

You'll never feel like your knowledge is outdated or useless - even if you don't end up in product management, the skills you'll learn in this program will help you improve other parts of your life.

12 Sept 2022

deadline to enrol

6 weeks

program duration


No prior knowledge
"It was intensive and insightful, as every lesson had a task that you have to complete before moving to the next stage and it encouraged me to think outside the box which is one of the skills of a product manager...critical thinking.
I got to learn a lot, like product life cycle, product management process, validating ideas, market validation, carrying out user interviews, and a lot."
- Eirene
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Module 1
Introduction to Product Management
3 lessons
2 tasks
Module 2
Discovery and Research
5 lessons
3 tasks
Module 3
Product Validation with MVPs
3 lessons
1 tasks
Module 4
User Stories and Prioritisation Frameworks
4 lessons
4 tasks
Module 5
Working as a Product Manager
7 lessons
2 tasks
Module 6
1 portfolio
Each module is designed to unlock every few days, so you can enjoy the flexibility of online learning while still having the structure of deadlines.

We designed our program structure like this to give you the best chance of completing the program.
Your instructor

David Wang

Group Product Manager at Linktree
Get 15 years’ worth of product management knowledge from your mentor, David Wang. From working with startups to international companies, David has shared his learnings with over 3,000 product management newbies.
World class mentors from

What you get

"How I went from receiving a Product Management certificate from EntryLevel in August last year to handling numerous software products in just 3 months is mind-blowing. Thankful."- Lola
I bet you’ve seen “5+ years experience” for an entry-level product management job before.

It doesn’t make any sense - do companies expect you to start managing products as a baby??

(Although baby toys can be very interesting products.)

EntryLevel was created to solve your problem. Our vision is to reskill 1 billion people by 2030.

That's why we created EntryLevel's Product Management program - for you.
Meme of entrylevel job seekers seeing "entry level jobs in the job title" but then frowning as they realize it requires 5+ years of experience in the job description
If you feel like you’re falling behind and need to start getting experience NOW, start with EntryLevel.

Because we know what it’s like. You're not alone - 6,019 students have taken our product management program this year, each of them just as ambitious as you.

After all, if you're here, you're probably someone who loves learning. If you keep learning, you'll keep growing. And EntryLevel is here to kickstart your growth.


Your success is our goal. Our vision is to reskill 1 billion people into fulfilling careers by 2030.

That’s why we provide a 100% refund guarantee if you complete our program.

$3,637 average cost

for most Product Management courses

$99 USD*

for EntryLevel’s Product Management program
Without EntryLevel

Lose out on kickstarting your years of work experience in product management

Stay stuck in the no-experience, no-job cycle, because taking free, unstructured online courses isn't the same as working on projects

Feel lost with what to do next to break into product management
With EntryLevel
Get a head start on starting your years of work experience, risk-free
Become confident in your skills
Find guidance for what to learn
Earn a certificate for your hard work
Get a 100% refund guarantee if you complete the program
"The structure around the way EntryLevel released their modules made me enjoy and fall in love with learning. EntryLevel's courses are literally the only online courses I've finished.😅"- Okoli


Wifi / internet
Phone or laptop
Willingness to put in the work
A love for learning ❤️
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Note: this program is online and asynchronous, with support and peer engagement available via Discord.

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What’s the time commitment required each week?

The time commitment is expected to be around 5 - 10 hours per week (depending on the which program you choose and your prior level of experience).

The experience is virtual and mostly asynchronous (meaning you can work according to your own schedule) so you can be flexible on how and when you choose to do the work.

However, the deadlines are fixed and must be met in order to receive your certificate.

I saw a bad review of EntryLevel…what happened?

The complaints people usually have against us are explained below. We hope that by being transparent, you can make the best decision for yourself!

I didn't get my money back, so EntryLevel is a scam.

When people have this complaint, it is usually because they did not complete the program. We have made it clear that you only get a refund if you complete the program on our website and in our FAQs, as well as our emails.

Some people who have this complaint only submit blank or plagiarised documents. This is why they did not get a refund and certificate, because we can't issue certificates for incomplete or copied work. This would impact the integrity of our certificates.
I'm being asked to pay for a certificate! I thought you would give me a refund?

Our certificates are free.

However, we have premium certificates that you can get if you let us keep your money. This premium certificate has special badges you can earn, and you'll also get a reference letter and additional resources. However, this is completely optional and you can choose to get your refund instead.

Check out the list of our premium perks here.
The program was too easy or too hard. I couldn't finish and I lost my money / didn't get a refund.

This is why we have a 7-day change of mind period. We encourage you to try our programs, and if you find the program material too difficult, just ask for a refund within the first 7 days. We'll grant you a refund, no questions asked.

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"I’m officially a product manager 🎊

I want to thank EntryLevel for making this course an interactive one. Dealing with day-to-day problems made me appreciate the process of product development much more than I did.

Over the duration of this course, I was able to identify user pain points through research and interviews, write user stories and come up with features, effectively prioritise using MOSCOW methods and T-shirt framework."
- Netochukwu