Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the program start?

The program has not yet been created, and we are assessing the interest in the program. If we have enough interest in the program we will create the program with our mentors and be in touch with the start date and registration information.

How much time will the program take

We recommend spending 5-10 hours a week on this program. Though you could theoretically spend more time building your portfolio or business. This is meant to be a program that you do on the side rather than spend your full attention on. However, with that said, you can go as hard as you like with implementing these learnings and building a portfolio.

How does the Commitment Bond work?

The commitment bond is a tool that helps our students aim to be more committed to the program. As long as you've viewed and submitted something for 95% of the program you will be eligible for a refund.

We do NOT have pass/fail conditions on the assignments to get a refund. You simply need to submit your completed work to receive your refund.

How does EntryLevel make money?

There is a few ways we make money from the programs we do. Our goal is not to make money off having as many people not complete the program but in a few different ways:

1. Pay what you want: at the end of the program, if you enjoyed the experience and received value, we'll ask if you'd like to support our cause of reskilling 1 billion people. We may also have perks which you can use your bond towards instead of a refund. Though this is 100% optional.

2. Recruitment Services: at the end of the program, you will have the option of opting in to get recruitment help from us. We charge companies for these services.

Are there specific times I need to be present?

Nope! Everything is done at your own pace besides submission deadlines as a commitment.

What if i have an unavoidable circumstance and I can't make a submission or need to drop out?

The only acceptable reason to drop out and get a full refund is a medical reason (yourself or a close family member that you need to attend to). We do ask for some sort of proof to provide a refund for this reason.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned, the net cost of the program is free.

However, it is only free IF you finish the program. We ask for a $US 100 commitment bond which is fully refunded if you finish the program unless you would like to use it towards a premium certificate and/or other perks (though this is optional)

I'm not receiving emails!

Please check your spam or newsletter section. Add us as a contact and mark us as not spam to ensure you receive future emails.