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It's hard to learn on your own.

Hang out with the coolest gang in town!

As a community, we have started hundreds of businesses and advertised all over the world.

This is a virtual experience that gives you real work experiences that we've cultivated from real companies.

Whether you have learned this before or not, there is something for everyone to help them bridge the gap between education and work places.

It's hard to get the right structure and accountability.

You say you'll do it.
We'll make sure you do.

We create a cohort based learning environment to ensure that people are committed and will report back.

Though the program is free, we have a $100 commitment bond which we refund you if you finish the program. This way, we know that everyone who comes into the program is committed!

Learn from the best Growth Marketers across the world

We spill our secrets.

Whether it be teaching you the quickest way to set up a campaign, or the cheapest growth hacks we know -  We're your experts.

We have teachers who run growth marketing & advertising agencies, experts who have helped start-ups grow from 0 to 15,000 users in just 1 week, and marketing managers from global companies.

No matter what your business is - you need to know how to sell your product online. We're here to teach you how.

Our Marketing Team

Ajay Prakash

CEO & Founder at EntryLevel, Co-founder and Ex-Chief Product Officer at Perlin.
Ajay is a Forbes U30 serial entrepreneur that has raised over $50M in capital from large scale venture funds and companies. He's launched over 50 products and started 8 companies across F&B, deep tech, blockchain, education and recruitment. Ajay previously ran a marketing agency that worked with several companies and organisations with his clients getting 100,000s in sign ups, millions in revenue and even working with ministers of parliament.

We have 50+ Industry Mentors, here are a few:

Industry mentors who will help with various aspects of your business. No business idea is too weird of wacky for this program

David Wang

Ex-Product Manager at Qantas, Commbank and AirTasker

Vikram Bharati

CEO at Draper Startup House

Michelle Lia

Head of Growth at WeMoney

Vincent Wei

Growth at Veed

George Siosi

Head of Community at Faia

Who Should Join



Experience what it is like to work in the role. See if it's a good fit for you.

Working Together

Career Transitioners

For those who are currently working or in between jobs. If you want a significant pivot in your career, this is for you!

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For the self starters out there, you can build your own skillsets or help your team level up in experience and skill.

How does it work?

Cohort Based Training
You will be going through a guided program and invited into our community slack channel where you will be able to chat to fellow community members and teachers.

There are no live sessions and everything will be done asynchronously besides a few networking sessions we may do so you can meet your peers.
Real Work Submissions
As part of the program, you will be required to submit progress reports, videos to ensure you are doing the work. We use peer review systems so you can learn from each other.
Full Refund upon final submission
If you make the final submission prior to the final due date, you will automatically receive a full refund.

It's as simple as that.


1. Introduction, Planning & Research

1.1 Introduction & Examples

We'll introduce you to the world of growth marketing and examples of awesome campaigns that people have run in the past.

1.2 5Cs Analysis

A type of analysis you can do when you're dropped into a foreign company, industry and/or area that can help you get on top of things before looking at growth.

1.3 Dream Buyer Analysis

Before even thinking of marketing to your audience, the dream buyer analysis will help you understand how to market to them effectively.

1.4 Other Basic Concepts

We go over concepts that baffle even the most experienced marketing professionals to ensure you understand how to market to people in 2021.

2. Data & Tracking

2.1 Analytics (Google and others)

The basics of understanding and using analytics to help you determine what campaigns are working.

2.2 Data Dashboards (Data Studio, Amplitude and more)

How to setup, use and maintain dashboards across multiple platforms.

2.3 Common Terminology

A quick guide to all the acronyms used by people in the growth space that you may not be aware of.

2.4 The Scientific Method to ensure optimal experimentation

Learning about this will ensure that you think about growth from a scientific perspective and that your decisions are rational.

3. Pirate Metrics

3.1 What is it?

3.2 Examples & Case Studies

3.3 Diagnosing Problems

Understanding where in your marketing pipeline you're facing issues so you can address them accordingly.

4. Acquisition

4.1 Organic Strategies

Learn about campaigns that require $0 to run.

4.2 Paid Strategies

Learn about campaigns that require more than $0 to run.

4.3 Getting creative and when should you quit?

The channels we talk about aren't the end all be all. Often the best strategies are figured out and exploited long before the masses find out. We also cover when it might be a good idea to call it quits with a particular channel.

5. Activation

5.1 Landing Page Creation & Basic UX

How to build landing pages that convert views into sign ups.

5.2 No Code Automations

5.3 High Value Content Offers (HVCOs) & Power Guarantees

6. Retention

6.1 Diagnosing retention issues

Understanding why people are leaving your platform or system.

6.2 User Surveys

How to figure out what's wrong by talking to your users.

6.3 Features & Experimentation

We touch on a little bit of product and how you might work with a product manager to experiment with retention strategies.

7. Revenue

7.1 Minimal Viable Tests

Quick ways to prove market demand through sales with barely any effort.

7.2 Pre-sales

Effective ways to launch pre-sale campaigns prior to launching a product.

7.3 Email Conversion Funnels

How to use email to turn people from activations into customers.

7.4 Ecommerce Conversion Strategies

What we can learn from ecommerce veterans on how they convert people on their website.

8. Referrals

8.1 Designing the Optimal Referral Loop

How to think about creating a viral loop for your product or service.

8.2 Technologies for referral loops

How to implement a referral loop without code.

8.3 Examples & Case Studies

9. Final Steps

9.1 Put your learnings into action

Let's apply some of these learnings into your own project.

9.2 Standard Marketing Stacks

A standard set of software used by marketing professionals.

9.3 Working with Others (PMs etc.)

How might you work with other people in your company as a growth marketer.

9.4 Marketing Automations

Easy ways to save time and effort as a growth marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time will the program take

We recommend spending ~10 hours a week on this program. Work on the program in your own time, and at your own schedule. We do find that students applying the learnings to their business will spend more time implementing strategies and building their portfolios.

How does the Commitment Bond work?

The commitment bond is a tool that helps our students aim to be more committed to the program. As long as you've viewed and submitted something for all of the tasks you will be eligible for a refund.

We do NOT have pass/fail conditions on the assignments to get a refund. You simply need to submit your completed work to receive your refund.

Note that we will have upsells at the end of the program, but these are completely optional to purchase.

How does EntryLevel make money?

There are a few ways we make money from the programs we do. Our goal is not to make money from non-completions, Instead, we make money in the following ways: 

1. Pay what you want: at the end of the program, if you enjoyed the experience and received value, we'll ask if you'd like to support our cause of reskilling 1 billion people.

2. Recruitment Services: at the end of the program, you will have the option of opting in to get recruitment help from us. We charge companies for these services.

Are there specific times I need to be present?

Nope! Everything is done at your own pace besides submission deadlines as a commitment.

What if i have an unavoidable circumstance and I can't make a submission or need to drop out?

The only acceptable reason to drop out and get a full refund is a medical reason (yourself or a close family member that you need to attend to). We do ask for proof to provide a refund for this reason.

How much does it cost?

The program can be free if you finish the program. We ask for a $US 100 commitment bond which is fully refunded if you finish the program.

I'm not receiving emails!

Please check your spam or newsletter section. Add us as a contact and mark us as not spam to ensure you receive future emails.