Data Analysis Experience

With Tristan Frizza, Oscar Lukersmith, Nabeel Siddiqui

Data is an integral part of every successful business, as companies increasingly make data-driven decisions. According to IBM, there were more than 2.7 million data jobs in 2020.

In the Data Analyst Accelerator, you will learn to use data analysis tools, make data-driven decisions to improve business performance, and learn to create data visualizations. No prerequisites or previous experience required to sign up!

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Experience Designed by

Tristan Frizza

Ex-Data Scientist at Atlassian

Oscar Lukersmith

Senior Analytics Engineer at Safety Culture

Alan Truong

Head of Engineering at EntryLevel

Alol Elba

Research and Evaluation Officer at Relationships Australia

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1. Introduction to Data Analysis

1.1 What is a Data Analyst

Lesson: What is a Data Analyst, how do they use data, and what does a day in the life of a Data Analyst look like?
Task: Reflection on current skills and skills to develop to be a Data Analyst.

1.2 Tools of the Trade

Lesson: What tools to Data Analysts use? How do each of these help Data Analysts?
Task: 1) Quiz on which tool is most useful for each task. 2) Get excel and tableau

2. Framing the Problem

2.1 Framing the problem

Lesson: How to ask questions and framing the problem.
Task: Case study given to students with a business problem. Frame the problem and determine which data to collect

3. Collecting and Cleaning Data

3.1 Data Sources

Lesson: Data comes from multiple sources. How to aggregate data
Task: Gather data from different sources and extract to Excel

3.2 Data Cleaning

Lesson: Importance of cleaning data, removing unnecessary data, and common techniques
Task: Normalise and standardise the data compiled on excel.

4. Visualisations and Reports

4.1 Excel: Pivot Tables and Charts

Lesson: Pivot Tables and Chart usage in Excel, how to create
Task: Create a Pivot Table and Chart for your case study

4.2 Tableau: Visualising Data

Lesson: Using Tableau to create dashboards and visualise data
Task: Connect excel to Tableau, and build a dashboard for your case study.

4.3 Using Data to tell a story

Lesson: Identifying your narrative and creating a story that is easy to follow with your data
Task: Create a report with your visualisations from Excel and Tableau to tell a story with your data.

5. Reporting and Narrative

5.1 Using Data to tell a story

Lesson: Using Narrative, Data and Visuals to tell a good data story
Task: Create a data story for your report and submit.

6. Capstone Project

6.1 Pick a dataset

Lesson: Finding a dataset that interests you and framing the problem when it is not clearly defined.
Task: Selecting a data set of your choice and apply skills learned through the experience.